Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Journey Begins

Sanibonani Nkhosi!!

Well, we have some catching up to do, don't we? Orientation in Philadelphia was great. We met a lot of good people and got our first taste of Peace Corps life. Traveling through New York City, Johannesburg, and then Swaziland was exciting and exhausting at times. We stayed the night in JoBurg then we flew into Swaziland. Our last night in a nice hotel was in Mbabane (The Mountain Inn). It was a very nice place. Then we were off to Nhlangano for our first week of training. We stayed an Ngwane Teacher's College, in the dorms. Good Times!! Last night was our first night with our host family, and we enjoyed it immensly. Our rondavel is fantastic, our family is wonderful (make, babe, bhuti, sisi). It is going to be a nice place to live for two months.

We walked about a mile last night to go and catch our dinner (chicken), walked it back home, and Lewis (Musa)cut it's head off. Des (Mbali) proceeded to pluck the chicken. Dinner was excellent. Our babe (father) is really excited to have us in his home, but doesn't speak much English; therefore, our siSwati will be coming along quickly. Our make (mother) doesn't speak much English either, but our bhuti and sisi (brother and sister) speak English well. We will probably go to church tomorrow-it should be an interesting experience. We believe they are Zionist.

The next 7 weeks will consist of language training, culture training, and technical training (HIV/AIDS). The language classes are held at our homestead. Our teacher, Sibusiso, really enjoys us, as we do him. We told him about giving us gold stars when we do well, and he complied. He gets very excited when he gives them to us. It's wonderful.

All of the Peace Corps staff has been very friendly and helpful. We are in good hands, so please don't worry too much. We will be taken care of.

We miss you all very much. Remember that you can send us emails to our phones. You can also give us a call...we would love to hear from you. To find out the details, click on the link that says "Contact Us". We will update again as soon as we can. We are doing well and we are having the time of our lives.

Salani Kahle!! (Stay well everyone)
Musa and Mbali

Musa means "soft to everyone", and Mbali means "flower".


Anonymous Jennifer Hane said...

Hi Guys!

It's great to hear from you so soon after your departure! I am so glad to hear that things are going well. The best thing about my time abroad was the opportunity to meet and interact with people from so many cultures. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and I know you will feel the same way.

I can't wait to see photos! Matt and I are continuing work on the house and yard. Don't worry, we probably won't be done by the time you get back, so you will still be able to help where needed! I also ran my first 5K on Saturday at Spring Spree. I finished in 30 minutes. For a new runner, I think that's pretty good. :-)

Talk to you again soon!

Miss you!

12:37 PM  
Blogger Shayna said...


I tried to send an email to your phone but it wouldn't work. :( I'll try again one of these days.

Glad to hear things are going so well and that you are able to keep in touch. Learning the language stuff should really be interesting!

Take care and stay safe!


12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you two. I am glad to hear things are going well for you guys. I just want to let you how much respect I have for both of you for doing this. I think that both of you are really going to love it and learn alot from it. I hope that we are able to keep in touch over the next couple of years through the wonders of technology! I also cannot wait to see any pictures you have. Especially of Lewis in hot steamy Africa wearing one of those cute wifebeaters I used to see him in.
Much love Homies
Jon and Sam

10:13 PM  

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